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Big Rock itself...
Big Rock itself…

helping young people find solutions

Big Rock Coaching UK provides personal coaching for young people.

Based in Worcestershire, and providing quality coaching to help young people to find solutions to overcome obstacles and challenges.

One of the main problems in using the internet is knowing what question to search. It’s the same with life itself. When you don’t know what the question is – it is much more difficult to find the answer.

Instead of just browsing start thinking about exactly what you are looking for – that way you have a much better chance of finding it. Also get in the habit of asking – in the best shops the staff are there to help you find what you want!

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New Logo – June 2018

Sometimes in life we simply need the help of someone who knows more, is more experienced, has more skill or is better equipped. The original logo was just a tracing of the Big Rock and needed to be of much better quality. This gave us chance to redesign the logo itself and with the help of Ryan at  Multiple Graphic Design we have created an up to date, better quality, simplified logo. We are very pleased with the new design and hope you agree.

Story of the Big Rock Photo


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