Zombies by the Lake?

I couldn’t help noticing recently how many people are completely unable to say ‘hi’, ‘good morning’ or ‘lovely day’ anymore.

Down by the River Side!

A few weeks ago we were walking up the side of a river that was busy splashing over rocks and hurtling down to reach the sea. There was a path alongside the river that slowly followed the river upstream and then across a couple of wooden bridges to an old Victorian house nestled in the valley. Hot soup, cups of tea and cream teas were all a welcome break. Beautiful scenery, the bright green of the early leaves in Spring, the trees only just showing bud, the sound of water crashing over the grey rocks of the valley and the smell of wild garlic.

The river at Watersmeet, Devon.
The river at Watersmeet, Devon.

We passed quite a few other people along the path, some coming down, others were overtaking us! There would be that moment when we would look at each other and say ‘morning’, ‘lovely day’ ‘isn’t it beautiful’ etc. Well the problem was that most of the other people couldn’t handle this! They didn’t look at us, they didn’t say hi or good morning. Some managed a grunt after we forced the issue by wishing them a ‘good morning!’  whether they wanted one or not!

Down by the Lake Side!

Lake Derwent, Lake District
Lake Derwent, Lake District

The following week I was backpacking in the Lake District (yes even at my age!). We were walking around Lake Derwent and we went up hills and down, through woods and across marshes as well as walking along the shoreline. We met quite a few people along the way. Well that isn’t quite true. There were zombies by the Lake as well. We would often stop and stand to the side of the path so that the lightweight walkers could get past our rucksacks. I’m sure someone will make it a legal requirement that rucksacks must have signs displayed stating ‘wide load’ and ‘warning – rucksack may stop suddenly’ (sorry – just adding a bit of sarcasm in there!). We would stand to the side and make a comment about our slowness, or the ‘beautiful Lake’, or ‘looks like the rain is holding off’ or even just admit that we need to stop and have a rest!

Warning! - Rucksack may stop suddenly!
Warning! – Rucksack may stop suddenly!

Most of the walkers and campers that we met had a real difficulty in acknowledging us. I’m not sure whether we were invisible, they thought we were wierdos or perhaps they should have gone to Spec-savers. Hang on a minute – we have all just struggled to climb up this whopping great hill, are sweating like a couple of old pit ponies and you can’t even look me in the eye with that ‘wow, we made it’ expression! Often there would be no reply, no ‘thank you for letting us get passed your big rucksack’. Nope – not a dickey bird! Do you think they saw us? Maybe they were going through a really difficult time and their mind was lost in deep thought? Maybe they have been told not to talk to strangers – and maybe I did look pretty strange to them! Maybe they don’t like me? Perhaps they are feeling scared and intimidated – nah, that can’t be it. In the end I can only conclude that there are zombies by the Lake!

Overlooking Lake Derwent, Lake District
Wow! – we made it!

Is this a sign of our times – all the social media and virtual friendships that turn our ‘youth’ into zombies so they are unable to greet fellow travelers along the path? Youth, young people! Heck no! – this was the oldies, the people my age who should know better! We, who in our youth would wave at cars and trains that overtook us. We were brought up by a generation of adults that would look you in the eye when out on a walk and wish you a good day! It was as if we were all hiding under a cloak of invisibility. Either that or I am getting very old and seeing the past with rose tinted spectacles!

Harry Potter and the invisibility cloak
Our rain coats were waterproof, breathable and also made us invisible to zombies!

Travelling back home we stopped at a service station on the M5 and I was just waiting for the rest of my family when up came a couple of yobbos to say hello. Actually it was just a couple of Y10 lads from my previous school. If they were the rude, ignorant youth of today would they have stopped to speak? Then a couple of days later another student drove past in his car shouting and waving madly. Nothing to do with a flat tyre or leaking fuel – just someone saying hello and wishing me a good day! At least I like to think that was what he was saying!

Brighten up someones day!

Maybe I just look like some weirdo, some loser, someone so desperate for friends that he says ‘hi’ to people who are out walking. I don’t think so – it’s more about people sharing an experience. I was also not walking on my own either – so I didn’t need to talk to every passer-by because I am a lonely loser with no friends. At the end of the holiday the miserable adults scored pretty poorly compared with the young people. I also managed to get a grin from the lad who was tying up our boat after we had hired it for a quick row across the Lake. My simple comment of ‘thanks very much – that was good fun’ was enough for him to give me a grin! I don’t think many people speak to him during the day!

The boat house at Keswick, Lake Derwent
Thanks for the boat mate – that was good fun!

I was in a card shop the other day and the assistant was tidying up the cards after the customers had successfully untidied them. Next thing, we are having a really good conversation about how we hide the cards behind the big ones when we can’t remember where we found them! When we finished he looked me straight in the eye and wished me a good day! The point I want to make is that based on the last few weeks I can conclude that the youngsters are more sociable and pleasant than the adult generations – what is happening? Isn’t the ability to talk and share ideas and experiences important anymore?

My experience of over 15 years teaching is that young people are all trying to share ideas and learn from each other. That’s why they won’t shut up in lessons! What are the older generations doing then? Have they all become experts and therefore have no need to connect with other people? It reminds me of the phrase used by many employees in various occupations – ‘when we want your opinion – we will ask for it’! Or I like the other version – ‘when we want your opinion – we’ll tell you what it is!’

The art of connection

I am really interested in the idea of ‘connection’ between people. To me there are several phases – the first is acknowledgement. You have to acknowledge me before you can know me. This is the bit where we nod at each other or touch our caps, as we pass in the street, it’s where we look each other in the eye – hey I see you – you exist! You see me too – wow! I also exist! Please acknowledge me – I do exist even when you pretend that you can’t see me!

The next step is to engage and connect, this is where we talk, share ideas, thoughts and experiences, hopefully we move on from talking about the weather. When out walking round a Lake (hint, hint!) we share comments about what an awesome experience we are having – or gee that wind is a bit fresh this morning! This is enough for total strangers – we agree and are both part of the same experience – wow we connected!

The standing stones at Castlerigg, near Keswick
An awesome experience!

The third phase is a little more difficult. This is all about acceptance. Can you accept that someone else’s experience of life is just as valid as your own? You don’t have to agree with their view – you only have to agree that their view is as valid as yours. Having exchanged thoughts and ideas there is the risk that we will not be accepted. You may not agree with my view of the weather, how cold it is, worse still you may not agree with anything else that I say, the things that I believe are important, the things that I am passionate about. This is getting risky – perhaps that explains why most of us just stick to the weather. What if I find out that you are an expert on what I should be like? What if I don’t meet your expectations and I don’t even come close to what you expect me to be and do? Well at least then I will know that even though you say that you only want the best for me – it isn’t really me that you care about. You don’t accept me as I am, you will only accept me when I meet your expectations. That is not acceptance.



Do you accept me as I am?
Or would you prefer me to change,
become more of who you want me to be?
Are you the expert in my life?
If so where do I fit in?
I cannot be who you want me to be,
you see I am already someone else,
I am me.

Accidently written by Clive!


I like to think that after we have acknowledged each other, we have exchanged ideas and experiences and we still accept each other then we know the true meaning of ‘respect’.

When I see someone I know in the street – or in the corridor at work, sometimes people don’t acknowledge me. I can easily think that it is because they don’t like me. It might be that they feel awkward around me, maybe they are intimidated by my good looks or mean disposition and it makes them feel inadequate (picture lots of people rolling around on the floor in hysterics). Maybe they simply didn’t see me or that their mind was focused elsewhere. When they don’t acknowledge me I have to remind myself that it isn’t my problem, it isn’t a problem with me. I also have to remember to say hello. I saw them and now I am now the one with the responsibility to say hello. If I don’t, and instead I choose not to acknowledge them then the problem is mine – I have a problem with me! Good morning to you fellow walkers by the Lake! Are you zombies or what?

I exist whether you acknowledge me or not. Thank you to those people who are happy to say hello – even those who don’t know me. It brightens my day, it makes me feel like I exist, I feel acknowledged, maybe I am not so bad after all. Maybe I am just like everyone else – what if I was okay as well?



Wow – ‘dickey bird’ appears on the spell check! I might need to add a comment about what a dickey bird is in case people go off walking round the Lake District looking for the now almost extinct ‘dickey bird’! I love this blogging thing – just write a load of random stuff and it almost sounds like I’m a professional writer! In fact it’s good fun – have a go!

The launch at Keswick
Tourists off looking for dickey-birds and zombies!

I do apologize – my website SEO rating software thing keeps giving me a low grade because I don’t repeat the title and keywords often enough in the main text. So I have to pretend there were ‘zombies by the Lake’, so that it thinks this blog is really well written and gets a higher score by Google! Oh! Now I am worried in case people who are searching for ‘zombies by the lake’ find my blog and the Lake District is invaded by boatloads of tourists all looking for zombies by the Lake! They could end up meeting the people looking for dickey birds and then there things could get quite unpleasant!


Which leads me nicely into the idea of mechanical friends and the way we are being encouraged to do and say things based on the recommendations of ‘people who know’! Apparently my blogging software ‘knows’ that I need to include more references to the keyword, key-phrase and title. It does this without actually reading my blog – it doesn’t really understand or care what I have written and yet it has declared itself to be an expert and is giving me advice!

After all that – apparently I still haven’t included the zombie phrase often enough! Arrgh!

My farewell line just has to be:

‘Have a good day!’

You need what?!!

Please sir – I need a wee!
Toilet sign
Please sir – I need a wee!

He sat in the classroom feeling very uncomfortable. Although he desperately needed the toilet he decided that it wasn’t a good time to go right now. He carried on with the maths question but was really not concentrating. Every time he got part way through the calculation he would be distracted again and had to do a little shuffle in his seat. Then he lost his train of thought and had to start all over again.

This lesson was not going well for him as he looked around to see if anyone else in the class had noticed his discomfort. Never mind only another 5 minutes to go. Why couldn’t he just ask to go to the toilet? Was it really such a big deal that everyone in the class would know that he needed the loo? In fact didn’t everyone in the class need to go to the toilet several times a day?

Part of growing up is learning how to take no notice of the things that your body tells you are important. The bell finally went and the teacher told the class to pack away their books and put them neatly on the back shelf. The teacher then said ‘see you next lesson’ and dashed out the door as fast as he could trying to make it look like he didn’t need the toilet!

We’ve all done it at sometime or other. We have decided that it is not really convenient to go to the toilet right now. It’s a classic story we can all relate to – even adults!

A Feeling with a Reason

We feel this way – because we need something. All our feelings, emotions and body sensations have a purpose. Our body identifies things that are becoming out of balance. It knows when we are cold, hungry, thirsty etc. It also knows when we are alone, isolated, not being supported. It knows when things keep irritating us – a sign that some basic need to be understood or listened to is still not happening. Unfortunately we have taught ourselves how to ignore and over-ride what we need. We have taught our children how to ignore their feelings and sometimes even convinced them that they are being selfish or unreasonable.

Why do people start to shout when they feel they are not being heard? Could it be anything to do with this basic need to be accepted, heard and acknowledged? Next time you hear an argument going on just listen carefully – you can usually pick up that neither person is listening and acknowledging the other. ‘You don’t need to shout’ – well show me that you are listening and acknowledge that my needs are important as well!

what do I need?
what is this feeling all about?
Listening to your own needs

Everyday we ignore and over-ride the feelings that our body gives us to tell us that we are out of balance and need to change something. We understand about feeling hungry and needing food, feeling thirsty and needing a drink. These we are familiar with. It is most of the other needs that we don’t even think about that we have trouble with.

We have taught ourselves to ignore our own needs. We will sit in a cold room and not put our coat on or ask to have the heating turned up. We put up with all sorts of things simply because we have been taught that our needs are not important. So we will work long hours, take work home and stay up late because someone else said that it needs to be done. I asked my manager a few years ago how to decide which task I should do first. His reply was simply that ‘it all needs to be done’.

Biscuit Tin
If you feel something is missing in life…

Each of us carries around a set of needs that are almost permanently never met. They give us a feeling of uneasiness throughout the day. We are still aware of these feelings because they make us feel uncomfortable and slightly on edge. It would be good to learn how to tune in better to determine what needs we have that are not being met. This could simply be a need for acceptance, friendship or connection with other people. We have told ourselves that our needs don’t count, and that we should always ‘think of others before ourselves’. This like many other phrases is often misquoted and taken out of context.

Now that you no longer acknowledge your own needs you even become unaware that they even existed. It is also easier to ignore the needs of others – their needs don’t matter either.

The Need Experts

How come other people get to decide what you need? These are the need experts. They have made themselves experts on knowing what you need in your life, how those needs should be met, and exactly what you should be doing about it!

It begins with our parents and teachers who tell us that we need to put our coat on and eat our greens. When we were young this was fine, as it was just them looking after us and keeping us safe.

You can easily spot a ‘need-expert’ as they are always telling you what you need to do and what you need to be like. So we hear lots of phrases throughout the day along the lines of:

  • You need to listen and pay attention.
  • You need to get at least a grade A (is that a ‘9’ now?)
  • You need to grow up.
  • You need to start taking more responsibility.
  • You need to be more mature.
  • You need to eat five a day.
  • You need to take more exercise.
  • You need to get this work done before you go home.

We are told that we need to maintain a work-life balance and also that we need to get all the work done. We are told that we need to work harder, to achieve more, to meet our targets, to take work home, to work weekends and to spend time relaxing and looking after ourselves. We are also told that we need to be thankful that we have a job!

Who needs what?

When you get to the point where you ‘need to be disciplined and punished’ you have got to smile. Really? These aren’t my needs – they belong to someone else. Who really has the need and what exactly is it that they need?

I remember once being told that I was clearly feeling stressed and that I need to learn how to handle the pressure more effectively. I need to perhaps go to anger management classes. When I’m feeling stressed and angry I actually need you to listen to me without interrupting and telling me what I need to be thinking! I really need some support and acceptance because right now I’m feeling isolated and unappreciated and I need to know that you understand and accept me.

Please don’t tell me that you know what I need without listening to me first.

Inside Out film – Dad prepares to put the foot down!

Prepare the foot
Prepare to put the foot down
Feeling Uncomfortable?

When we are out of tune with our own needs we become uncomfortable and irritable. We feel annoyed and frustrated by lots of little things. This is a sure sign that our needs are not being met. Often we don’t know why we are feeling crabby – other than this long list of things and people that are hacking us off. Try and sit back and sense what your body is telling you and you can find ways to get your needs met more effectively.

When we are angry and shout and stomp about we have needs that we and others are ignoring or are simply unaware of. Become aware every time you hear the word need. Who has the need? Is it that someone else has a need and they are using the phrase ‘you need to…’ because they are unable to admit that actually they are the one that needs a bit of help and support? Be sensitive to yourself and your needs, and mindful that others have needs to.

Put yourself on the job list

The other week I wrote myself a TO DO list. These can often make you feel pretty low. I ‘need to do all these jobs’ is the way we usually see them. However I thought a bit deeper. I needed to iron the shirts. Well actually this isn’t a real human need. I do have a need to feel accepted and wearing a clean, tidy shirt helps me to do that. I ironed the shirts with much more enthusiasm when I saw the personal benefits of looking smart instead of it being just another ‘job’.

I also put ‘me time’ on my list. I was feeling pretty tired and needed to slow down a bit. So I wrote this on my jobs list as well. My mind and body were feeling fairly run down so maybe I really needed to sit and have a rest, listen to some music, have a cup of tea etc.

Time for a mug of tea and a cookie
Tea break!
I need what?!!

We repeat the same words of the ‘need expert’ to ourselves. I need to do this, I need to grow up, I need to sort myself out. I need to work harder (says the adult who has learned the script). I need to get all these things done before tomorrow. I need to work late tonight.

I need to go shopping. Whoa! stop! no you don’t! You do need to eat though; and going shopping can help you meet that need. You could also meet that need in other ways, go out for a meal, go and get some fish and chips, order a pizza, do your shopping online, make up something from out of the cupboard. Once you see the job, the task or the solution as being what you need then you close your mind to other options.

Are you numb or something?

By constantly ignoring our needs and the feelings associated with them we can become numb to what is going on inside us. We have learned to dismiss our feelings because our needs are not important and apparently neither are we! We can get back in touch with ourselves and relearn to listen to what our feelings are telling us. There is an increasing acceptance of the importance of resting and relaxing. Mindfulness gives us a way to become more aware and re-connect with what our bodies have been trying to tell us all day! We might have to first convince ourselves that it is okay to have ‘needs’ and allow ourselves to have a bit of ‘down time’!

I need to calm down – arrgh!
Anger from Inside Out at the controls.
Arrgh – I need to do what?!!

If you are seriously hacked off then someone telling you that you need to relax is enough to create a re-enactment of Anger from Inside Out! At this point your needs are more likely to be along the lines of acknowledgement and connection rather than a need for being calm and relaxed. Unfortunately other people often just need you to calm down because they are feeling threatened!

You think I need to go and talk to someone? Actually it isn’t that I need to talk it’s often more a case of I need you to listen.



Tales of The Unexpected

The other day I walked out of the front door and pulled it shut behind me. The moment I heard the clunk of the door my brain thought it was a good time to remind me that I had left the keys in the kitchen.

The next hour was interesting. A locksmith was called to sort out the unlocking of the door. The same locksmith was called several other things for the next 24 hours. I was not expecting a bill of such magnitude. Anyone who charges £99 per hour to drill three holes is clearly overestimating the value of their service. Add to that the emergency call out fee and the cost of a new lock and you can appreciate that I was not impressed with the bill.  It was definitely not what I was expecting. I also have a pretty good idea why the locksmith was not the cheerful and friendly man I was expecting to see get out of the van. For some reason he seemed to avoid making eye contact or entering into any form of friendly conversation. I can only think he must have felt slightly ashamed of himself.

Record Sales!

The second unexpected event happened when I bought a record. Now they are back in fashion I can freely admit to owning a record player. Although technically I am now down to my last four as I recently passed one on! For some reason despite the adverts I was not tempted to buy the same Pink Floyd album I didn’t buy when I was a teenager. How many people are really going to do that? Next thing is we will sell our mountain bikes and go out and get ourselves new Choppers? Are they going to start making the Ford Cortina again?

So I had bought a second hand Christmas Carol LP (Long Play – big one) from a charity shop for a pound! The first track was without any vocals. This was strange as the man’s name was written all across the front of the record sleeve. That was fine – maybe the singer would join us for the next track. But he didn’t.  At the end of the first side I wondered if I had misunderstood and that the man on the front cover was actually playing an instrument instead. A closer look at the record itself showed that I would never hear the singer I thought I was going to listen to. The record was in the wrong sleeve! Instead of Christmas Carols I had the Pipes, Drums and Military Band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards!

Tales of The Unexpected

Often we expect one thing and we are surprised when we get something different. I expected a reasonable bill for a new lock, instead I was astounded at the cheek of the man. I expected to hear someone singing Christmas Carols and instead I got bagpipes and a full military band playing Amazing Grace and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony!

Arguing with reality

I think as I get older (yes I can still do that) I realise that we expect much more than we used to. My son expects technology to work as soon as he presses the button or rather ‘touches the screen’! The concept of ‘waiting for the tv to warm up’ before you can watch it is met with the same look you get when we say we used to scrape the frost off the inside of the bedroom window! Sometimes you have to ‘leave the computer’ to catch up with what you have told it to do. All these things reveal that somehow we expect it to be different. The world does not go as fast as we would like. This can be a source of great stress for some of us. We expect one thing and it doesn’t happen, it isn’t working or it isn’t what we expected. We get stressed when the world, technology, traffic, people, family and friends – nothing works they way that we expect it to, the way we think it should work, the way we want it to work. Children and adults don’t behave as we expect them to. People fall out, we fail exams, friends let us down, and batteries don’t last as long we think they should.

It isn’t that the world is faulty. It’s our thinking that trips us up. We think it should be different and it isn’t. Often we don’t accept the world as it is – instead we argue with it. We still think that our idea and our expectations of what should happen are correct and the world and the people in it aren’t doing what they should be doing!

Katie Byron in her book Loving What Is says several times that ‘when we choose to argue with reality we suffer – but only 100% of the time’. We will always feel stressed when we disagree with what is actually happening. So please feel free to be surprised, amazed or irritated – just don’t waste your energy arguing with it and getting seriously stressed. Acknowledge it, accept that it’s happening and then decide what you want to do about it. It isn’t easy when you are in the situation and my reaction to the nice locksmith did keep me annoyed for several hours!

Accepting the world as it is with all its faults isn’t the same as agreeing with it or condoning people’s behaviour and choices. Acknowledge what is happening and then you are free to go about changing it and making it a better place.

I have taken precautions to make sure that I never have to call a locksmith out ever again. I will try and remember to ask the price before I get any work done and I enthusiastically encourage people to avoid using his business! I enjoy listening to my new (second hand) record of the bagpipes and drums not playing Christmas Carols! I enjoy it more with my headphones on and the volume wound up high. I think it’s better than the record I thought I had bought! Track 4 is an awesome piece that makes me get up and dance around the room. I think it’s probably a combination of bad dad dancing blended with Mr Bean! Nothing too energetic but it definitely has a good rhythm and my record player loves playing it as well (see post script below).

Spike gatecrashes the party
Puppet ready to Party
Spike in Christmas mode.

Finally there was chance for Spike (pictured in his Christmas jumper) to make an unexpected visit in order to gate crash a school party. For that I admit to being responsible! Hopefully our visit wasn’t as unappreciated as that of the Christmas Locksmith! The looks of surprise said that sometimes things turn out better than our expectations – ‘tis the season to be jolly and wear Christmas jumpers that sometimes light up.

Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2017 – may it be better than you expect it to be!


PS – Post Script
Highly unlikely that anyone is interested if I tell you that I have been playing my new record on an HMV Model 2046 made by Thorn (circa 1970). It comes complete with an appalling level of rumble from the genuine BSR direct drive turntable. It sounds like a really bad hum normally unless the track has a serious level of bass. In this case it will automatically play the awesome bass so loud you can’t hear the hum no more and you can just feel the music man!!! And its ALL ANALOGUE and even boasts an analogue non-remote human interface coupling to set the volume which means you have to get out your seat and turn the volume knob! With a record player you will also need at least a 2 metre headphone extension lead if you wish to carry on dancing without annoying the neighbours! It also means you can play snowballing with the Wii Fit whilst listening to something unexpected!

Keywords / Glossary / Translation:
Pink Floyd – pop group from the 1970s
Raleigh Chopper – Classic British bike from the 70’s
Ford Cortina – old car from the 70’s.
HMV – His Masters Voice – named because of the dog!

I promise not to make the next blog so technical!

Can you blog sir?

New website, new blog and lots for me to learn!

How do we learn how to do things? We have a go, it doesn’t work, we try again. We hit it harder thinking that it should work, it must work, it’s supposed to work. The same with this blogging software – I try something – it doesn’t work, I try again. I am old enough to know that if I hit the keyboard any harder it won’t make much difference. That reminds me that maybe I need to buy a new keyboard. The one I have has keys that get stuck – has anyone ever oiled a computer keyboard before to make the keys easier to use? Maybe they did on the old typewriters – I am sure people used to get them ‘serviced’!

So I thought I knew how to use this software because I know the general way these things ‘think’. It’s the same with people – we think we know how they are supposed to work. When people don’t do what we want them to we often adopt the old techniques of trying again – we tell them what we want them to do again, we say it louder and then we begin to shout! When you get to the point of going to hit them harder we really need to back off.

I attended a training course last weekend and watched a demonstration that was really interesting. The trainer demonstrated a technique. She then checked to see if it worked, or how well it had worked. When it hadn’t worked the first time she went straight for – change the technique! Whoa wait a minute I thought. What about the part where we try again, and again and again until it does work? Aren’t we brought up with the mantra – ‘if at first you don’t succeed – try, try and try again’? Aren’t we supposed to try at least 3 times in exactly the same way? Otherwise we might get branded as ‘not trying hard enough’.

When I was a teacher I used to say to my students that ‘if at first you don’t succeed…’ and they would all jump in with the classic response of ‘try, try and try again’. I would say ‘nah… if at first you don’t succeed… go home and do something else!’ Obviously we couldn’t just walk out of school and go home every time something didn’t work first time – but the secret is to change what you do slightly, try another approach.

We are often reminded of Edison and the way he kept trying to make the first lightbulb. We are told that he tried 500 times (or 1000 times depending upon how you Google it!). He learned 500 ways how not to make a light bulb before he found how to do it. The trick is that if at first you don’t succeed, make a few adjustments and try something slightly different. In effect you could say that Edison kept giving up – in fact he gave up 499 times because he kept trying something slightly different. He had to teach himself how to make a lightbulb, he had to keep learning from what wasn’t working. First you have to be aware of what isn’t working. Be aware of what you are doing that isn’t working very well for you.

Well there you go – I have managed to write my first blog post. I am also learning to use the correct vocab – did you notice ‘blog post’? This may well be one of the millions of blogs out there that never get read by anyone else – then again it might make you think – and I learned something at the same time!

blog post, blog post – what a funny name!