Reduce Exam Stress

Basic advice to reduce exam stress:

A quick search on the internet (see the links below) will provide you with the following basic advice on help you reduce exam stress and keep your stress levels in control:

  • Eat healthily
  • Sleep well – set yourself a bedtime and ‘lights out’ and ‘games off’ and ‘phone off’ – go to sleep!
  • Get plenty of exercise – gentle regular exercise is good for you – go for a walk, run, bike ride, swimming etc.
  • Relax  – listen to gentle music (or music that makes you feel good!)
  • Stay in touch with friends – maybe even go for a walk together, have some fun, laugh!

In other words – look after yourself and keep a balance between work, rest and play! You are likely to be spending quite a bit of time revising so you need to pace yourself and establish a balance that works for you. Write it on your revision timetable if necessary.

Revising effectively will also help to keep stress levels down – you will be doing something practical that makes a difference. Check out the page on revision techniques here.

Links to websites:

Check out the following websites – these give the sort of advice you will see throughout the web so don’t waste hours searching for others that basically say the same thing:


NHS Choices :

MIND has a page of ideas from students about how to stay motivated and keep stress levels down:

Student Minds – UK’s Student Mental Health Charity:

Go Conqr has some good tips:

Childline – exam stress and pressure:

Keep things in perspective:

Revision time begins whenever you start – but it only ends when you are sitting in the exam.


Exam stress is both temporary and seasonal!
After the exams your stress level will return to normal.


Drink plenty of water – research shows that students do better in exams when their brain is well hydrated


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   Exam stress – basic advice to reduce stress

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