Story of The Big Rock Photo

The Big Rock Photo

We chose somewhere to stay for our summer holiday based on a photo of a beach with the sun setting behind a big rock! It looked awesome!

On the last day of the holiday we went down to the beach and spent the day there. We had lunch, played tennis on the world’s largest tennis court with no net and no boundaries. This was really a game of running up and down the beach chasing the tennis ball and waving rackets around whilst seeing who could whack the ball the furthest. Life is good when it’s just a game and there are no rules, no limits and no one keeps score.

We explored the big rock at the end of beach whilst the tide started to come in, went for a swim and had tea. Then we just sat on the beach and waited for the sun to set. This was when we realized we had made a very big mistake. We had assumed that the big rock photo we had seen was of a sunset. Instead we sat and watched as the sun slowly started to go down on the other side of the beach as far from the big rock as possible! In order to get a photo of our own to take home we would have to get up early the next day and come down to the beach – only this time we had to be up before dawn. The challenge was on. It was going to be our last chance as we had to pack up the tent and all the camping gear and be ready to depart by mid morning.

Dawn Raid

We woke up the next morning at 5.00am with the alarm going off but no-one moved as it was too cold in the tent! Eventually we got up, pulled on clothes and woolly hats. Head torches we had but night vision goggles would have been much better! We tried to unzip and re-zip our tent quietly and then creep past the other campers who were all fast asleep. It was like being on an adventure with the Famous Five or out on night manouvres! We had to walk across the campsite, through the gate, down the path at the side of the field. Then through the gate at the end and down the steep path that led to the beach. We got there with about 15 minutes to spare, the tide was in and it was just beginning to get light. We stood on one rock and then moved to another as the sun began to rise behind The Big Rock. Choosing the best view we then took photo after photo as the sun got bigger and brighter and rose into the sky. It was awesome to watch, even better because we had made the effort to get down to the beach just to take the photo. So there you go – the big rock photo is a photo of a sunrise and we had to get up early in the morning to take it! It was the start of a new day!


The big rock photo has become an important part of this website simply because we usually think of beautiful things being at the end. We see lots of sunset photos and we need to remind ourselves that new beginnings can also be very beautiful. It’s also a special photo because of the effort that we went through to get it. If you want a photo like that you have to get out of bed early and go down to the beach before the sun comes up.

We all make a lot of assumptions – when we looked at the beautiful beach photos on the internet we assumed that it was a sunset!

Life is usually not quite as it seems – and often we only realise it afterwards!

New Logo – June 2018

Sometimes in life we simply need the help of someone who knows more, is more experienced, has more skill or is better equipped. The original logo was just a tracing of the Big Rock and needed to be of much better quality. This gave us chance to redesign the logo itself and with the help of Ryan at  Multiple Graphic Design we have created an up to date, better quality, simplified logo. The original is clearly lacking in quality!

We are very pleased with the new design…

I could have spent hours downloading software I didn’t have, learning how to use it, going round in circles and getting frustrated. Sometimes someone else’s view is just what is needed – many thanks Ryan!