Issues facing young people

The following is a list of issues facing young people that will give you some idea of areas where coaching can be of benefit.

  • Anger issues
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying (the bully and the bullied)
  • Confidence
  • Exam stress
  • Identity issues
  • Motivation
  • Real people
  • School issues
  • School refusal
  • Stress

The list is not exhaustive so if you are not sure whether coaching can be of benefit then just ask the question. Coaching is all about putting you back in control of your life; finding things out and asking questions will help you do that. Send a quick email and find out if coaching can be of benefit in your situation. You are not under any obligation to make a commitment by asking a simple question!

Instead of giving you advice and telling you what to do, coaching gets you to think things through clearly and come up with your own solutions. It helps you to realise that you still have choices. Sometimes our choices no longer help us to achieve what we need and we might have to change them.

I am concerned about this page as I think that identifying issues leads us to put labels on people. This can lead to people being treated differently according to their label. We can easily forget that there is a person behind the label. At the same time  I don’t want those of you who have already been ‘labelled’ to miss out on something that could be of real benefit. If I don’t include (for example) ‘anger issues’ those of you who easily get angry will read through and think that you are not invited to the party and go elsewhere. The party is open to anyone who thinks that they could do with changing a part of their life that is severely hacking them off. I can work with the angry as well as the chilled bean. I can work with the bully and the bullied. Get the idea? I am pretty good at seeing ‘people’ so I have included ‘real people’ on the list too! Just in case you think there is actually a party – sorry there isn’t – it’s just an attempt to lighten the mood of this page.

Coaching isn’t about people with problems but it is always going to be about people finding ways to move forward and make improvements to their lives. Coaching is also not always the most suitable approach. I will soon tell you if I think you would be better off working with someone else like a career coach, counsellor or other health professional.

Send a quick email and to find out more.