Who Am I?

Write a few words about yourself…

Why is writing or talking about yourself so difficult? This is the hardest page on the website to write. I have to be very careful about what I write about myself. People will read it after and say ‘who on earth wrote all that stuff?’

First I can’t go over the top about how patient and understanding I am – I’m a parent and my kids are likely to check it out later. I can’t say how much I liked and respected the students that I taught at school (I was a teacher – most of it is wearing off though). I shall be spotted in the streets and ex-students will laugh their heads off! They are also likely to tell me that they taught me all that I know.


photo of me
It was really difficult to take a selfie with an old-fashioned Canon that doesn’t have a forward facing screen!
The perfect webpage

Have you noticed how a lot of websites have been written by some anonymous admirer? ‘Clive is a passionate person and relates well with young people. He has a wealth of experience and a real understanding’… urrgh! At the end you realise that they wrote this description themselves! Either get someone to genuinely say how wonderful you are (sorry I couldn’t find anyone), or write the thing yourself – own up to it!

My attempt at connecting with the standard industry webpage for coaches is not working either. The webpage design software suggests a nice natural green colour with perhaps a pile of stones and waves lapping on the beach. Instead I have gone for black and white with bits of yellow thrown in. I have included a nature scene in the form of a photo we took on holiday of a thumping great big rock and what looks like a sunset but isn’t. For some of us life is very real and we have real stuff that we are trying to deal with.

As I come from Birmingham I have a mild accent so I like to say ‘alright mate’ at suitable moments to remind me of my background. I initially trained as an engineer and spent several years in oily factories getting machines to start working again. Having retrained as a teacher I then taught Design & Technology for 15 years although I am sure I have learned more than I taught!

Sometimes a Weakness is actually a Strength

Having been told I am too quiet and considerate I realise that this means that I have an ability to listen, understand and accept people. It doesn’t always help me but I’m happy with that. I trained as an Advanced Skills Coach as I am convinced that coaching leads to a much more intelligent and effective way of thinking. A lot of young people need to know how to think rather than being told what to do. I am not a counsellor and I don’t do any counselling. Sometimes we just need to kick our ideas around a bit to loosen them up. Maybe we just need someone real to connect with to remind ourselves that we are actually ok. Who do you talk to when you don’t want to talk?

I need to do what?

Just before I was about to ‘publish’ this webpage I was reminded by my website writing software thingy that I needed to add a ‘call to action’. A posh phrase for saying ‘buy now’ or more simply: – send a quick email and say hi!

Why is there always someone or something reminding you to do something else? The microwave going beep, the computer asking you ‘do you really want to …?’ We never had all this when I was younger. Is there an ‘automatic nagging parent app’? We could use this to remind ourselves to clean our teeth and pack our PE kit on a Thursday? Now that would be useful!

PS – Clive wrote this page all by himself!

Brief Summary written like a cv-
  • Qualified Teacher (Design & Technology)
  • Accredited Advanced Skills Coach
  • Trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)
  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate (Youth)
  • DBS Enhanced Dislcosure Certificate
  • Public Liability & Professional Insurance